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Why Is King Dre One Of

The Most Qualified Leaders

In The Dating Space?

Before I became King Dre, Your Gracious

Game Advisor, I lived my life as a player in

Tampa, Florida. I grew up in an environment

where Game wasn’t just about dating

women- it was literally required for


I saw things that hardened me to the truths about female nature, both good and bad.

Learning these lessons from a young age meant going through all sorts of difficult

experiences involving women, from dealing with jealous ex-boyfriends to dealing

with energy vampires, women cheating on their husbands and evenbeing cheated on.

But I also experienced the full pleasures of female love and desire, and learned the

key difference that made women switch from cold, masculine and

emotionally unavailable…

…To feminine, affectionate and endlessly faithful.

Once I learned this, it became painfully obvious what 99% of men around me were doing wrong,

and all the subtle, often unconscious hints their women put off, practically begging to be given

what they desired.

I have used this knowledge over the years to make countless women fall in love and

submit to me (even diehard feminists), to the point where they would do anything just

to please me. Many of those women would still do anything for me to this day…

if I wanted them to.

This is what sets me apart from most dating coaches who rely on data,

studies and second hand knowledge, yet have been out of the dating

game for years.

So, if you want to know how to put any woman under your spell like I’ve

tought to hundreds of “average” men…

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